Why You Should Choose an Orthodontist for Invisalign®

Choosing an orthodontic specialist, like Dr. Melissa, over a general dentist for your Invisalign treatment is a decision that will truly make a difference in your smile. Orthodontics, and Invisalign especially, is an investment in your health, function, appearance, and confidence. Why would you trust anyone less than an expert?

In order to become certified as an orthodontist, a dentist must attend an additional two to three years of training at an accredited university residency program and then pass national board examinations. This education, along with the experience of a practice dedicated solely to orthodontics, gives orthodontists a unique ability to create a custom treatment plan and execute safe, predictable, and efficient treatment whether using braces or Invisalign. 

Many adults who never would have desired braces are now considering orthodontic treatment because they are willing to wear clear aligners. They usually have noticed their teeth getting worse, and would like to make sure their bite is healthy. In some cases, they may have been told by a general dentist that Invisalign will be used “for aesthetics only and not to correct the bite.” If this is the case, a consultation with our Carson City orthodontist, Dr. Melissa, is definitely recommended, so you become fully educated on all your options before proceeding with the financial and time investment of orthodontic treatment. Many times, the best treatment option will be a combined approach, with the orthodontist providing bite correction and the dentist providing aesthetic veneers, implants, whitening, etc. Dr. Melissa partners with many excellent dentists in the Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Dayton, Incline, Gardnerville, and Minden, NV area who are dedicated to providing the best possible experience and outcome. 

Finding the right Invisalign provider is a critical step to achieving your best results. There’s no such thing as “doing Invisalign.” There is only “doing orthodontics” with Invisalign as a tool. As a certified orthodontic specialist with years of training and experience, Dr. Melissa can give you the smile you’ve always wanted—one that is beautiful and healthy.


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