"This has been an amazing experience to have such expertise and availability to our orthodontist. The personal touch and feedback is helpful as we not only get both my kids taken care of, but as my kids are growing up they are learning great communication skills…" - James N.
"…my daughter’s teeth look fabulous! We could not believe the improvement to her teeth! Her self confidence and self image is so improved! Thank you, Dr. Jones, and your entire team for all the wonderful work and your support! This office rocks!" - Janelle M.
"The staff is wonderful. My son was so nervous to get his braces and they had him feeling relaxed in no time. My son loves the bonus plan that they have for their patients - he is always thinking about how he will get more punches so he can get his gift card…" - Anthony G.
"Excellent!! The staff is courteous and helpful and sensitive to patients' needs. The staff's efforts to help my son to feel comfortable and have a great experience are unparalleled in my experience in the orthodontic community…" - Owen H.
"…It has been wonderful to find an orthodontic office that truly cares about their patients the way they do. Their attention to detail is not like any other office we've experienced; from the care our son received, to the amazing staff, affordable payment plans…" - Wyatt L.
"Carson City Orthodontics is very professional, friendly and clean. I have had my Invisalign braces for 4 months and have had an awesome experience, also a big noticeable difference!! Thank you, Dr. Melissa" - Parish P.
"I was worried about the work involved with getting Invisalign. You have to be on top of tings and cannot snack as much. But for me the way my smile changed made it all worth it. I enjoy smiling more. The ladies at Carson City Orthodontics are wonderful and always made me feel specia. It's a scary journey as an adult getting braces but I would not take back anything. Thank you so much guys!" - Anonymous.
"Many smiles to all of you for convincing me to try the new Invisalign braces, which are so much more effective than the old steel kind I had for my upper teeth - (they were inefficient and unable to correct the lower teeth!) Invisalign is also far more comfortable. I forget I have them on!" - Anne
"Had a wonderful experience here! Everyone here is so friendly and ready to help you. Tried Invisalign, they were great! I recommended it to my sister and she is a patient now. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for orthodontist help" - Grant B.
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it feels good to give back
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it feels good to give back

It Feels Good to Give Back

We are proud to offer our Patient Rewards Program to recognize your accomplishments and congratulate your winning achievements. Earn points to redeem for prizes, gift cards, and more! In addition, we take part in Smile For A Lifetime, an organization that provides orthodontic scholarships to patients struggling with financial challenges.



  • choose kind words
  • always go the extra mile
  • give lots of hugs & high fives
  • smile at everyone


  • enjoy the journey
  • celebrate the little things
  • laugh out loud
  • say and feel Woohoo!


  • always say thank you
  • acknowledge what went right
  • welcome challenges as opportunities to grow
  • share the abundance


  • think outside the box
  • take the path less traveled
  • lead by example